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Fishy is an exploration and upgrade-based game about fishing! Set out with a crummy ol' boat and travel to the far side of the world to rescue your dad from the clutches of a monstrous Kraken!

Getting Started With Narrative Design

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My graduation paper chronicling my forays in the field of narrative design, resulting in a set of guidelines for future narrative based projects. My research was based on literature as well as personal experience on three separate projects.


Hout is an arcadey four-player versus game. Players chop down whole swathes of trees in a mad dash for victory. To win, you must obtain the largest pile of lumber– or be the last one to survive the danger of the falling trees. Its very quick rounds, retro style graphics and addictive mechanics made it a hit with fellow students.

Hout was featured by Indigo at Game in the City 2011.


Barons is a four player versus digital boardgame. Players control an international drug cartel and are responsible for making a killer profit. Governments and drug policies around the world change and the players have to think on their feet to maintain optimal profit margins.

Summon the Kraken

The brave sailors of a ship have to fight off a monstrous kraken as it attacks their ship. But that's not all that lurks in the water...

Unfinished animatic for a school project.

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Fabian van Dommelen 2011