Summon the Kraken

The brave sailors of a ship have to fight off a monstrous kraken as it attacks their ship. But that's not all that lurks in the water...

I worked on the story, storyboard and did all of the animation.

The Graverobber

The Graverobber is a 3D puzzle game in which the player controls a mummy. In order to solve the puzzles in the temple the mummy can switch between dimensions, exploiting the differences between them.

I worked on most of the art, the playtest analysis and the design that it informed and all of the animation as well as the project management.

Character Animation, Graverobber

The character animations I made for the Graverobber were the first of a 3D game I'd ever done. I did all of the modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. It was a challenge to make animations short enough to not interfere with the flow of gameplay. Another obstacle was getting the model export ready, an issue that forced me to redo the rig several times.


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In this game you play the greek king Sisyphos. A man punished by the Gods to push a rock up a hill for all eternity, as it always rolls back down no matter how far he gets. This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2012.

I was responsible for the logo, background and the wolf's design and animation. This game was made in under 48 hours and won 2nd prize at the Jam.


Hout is an arcade style four-player versus game. In it, players are quickly deforesting areas in a struggle for victory. To win a round, a player simply has to be the last man standing and / or possess the largest stack of lumber. Its very quick round system, retro style graphics and addictive mechanics made it a hit with fellow students.

I worked on the design, project management and all of the art and animation. Hout was featured by Indigo at Game in the City 2011.

'Alien zoekt vrouw'

In this game, made in the 2011 Global Game Jam, two players vie for control over the female populace of a city. They control UFO's flying over the city, resorting to tractor beams to kidnap the ladies. However, the players can bump each other out of the way.

I worked on the design, the art and did all of the animation. This game was made in 48 hours.

Office man

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In this game, product of a 2 week seminar on iterative game development, the player takes control of an ordinary office employee (dubbed 'Officeman') that wishes to hit on a receptionist. However, to do this, the player has to control another character in the control room of Officeman. Unfortunately for him, this may lead to complications.

I worked on the design, the art and the animation. It had 2 weeks development time.

Think Twice

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The theme of the G-Ameland game jam of 2010 was 'Sustainability'. This multiplayer title has people expanding their galactic empire of mechanical trees over the growing universe. However, the universe doesn't last forever, and if the players don't control their ambitions the game will end.

I worked on the design and all of the art and animation. The game was made in 4 days.

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Fabian van Dommelen 2011