Getting Started With Narrative Design

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My graduation paper chronicling my forays in the field of narrative design, resulting in a set of guidelines for future narrative based projects. My research was based on literature as well as personal experience on three separate projects.


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The game Fishy is an exploration and upgrade-based game in which you play a fisherwoman. Fishy was an effort to completely finish, polish and release a game.

I worked on the design and all of the art and animation.


Barons is a four player versus digital boardgame. The players all control an international drug cartel and are responsible for making a killer profit. Governments and drug policies around the world change and the players have to think on their feet to maintain optimal profit margins.

I was responsible for all of the game design on this project.

Paper Prototype Barons

To quickly get to work testing my design for the Barons game I built up a paper prototype. Trying out various rules and receiving early feedback. It went through several iterations before a digital version was ready for testing. An unintended side effect of the extensive paper prototyping was that the actual (digital) game turned into a digital boardgame.
Think Twice

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The theme of the G-Ameland game jam of 2010 was 'Sustainability'. This multiplayer title has people expanding their galactic empire of mechanical trees over the growing universe. However, the universe doesn't last forever, and if the players don't control their ambitions the game will end.

I worked on the design and all of the art and animation. The game was made in 4 days.

Planning on the Graverobber

Although not exactly game design, the team coordination and communication is an important part of game development and in my experience I found the task often fell to the game designer. I produced documents that clarify communication and the planning. This is a document I made in the Graverobber project, giving insight to the last weeks of production.
Office man

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In this game, product of a 2 week seminar on iterative game development, the player takes control of an ordinary office employee (dubbed 'Officeman') that wishes to hit on a receptionist. However, to do this, the player has to control another character in the control room of Officeman. Unfortunately for him, this may lead to complications.

I worked on the design, the art and the animation. It had 2 weeks development time.

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Fabian van Dommelen 2011